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Imagine a world where women leaders everywhere have transformed their mother wounds
and are lifting up all life; building new organizations, communities, and businesses that
embody innovation, inclusiveness, and compassion.

Are you ready? Let's create this new world together!

This coaching program is for you if…

  • You are already established in a leadership role of some kind
  • you’ve already done a significant amount inner work and personal growth
  • you’re ready to make a quantum leap in your business/leadership
  • you’re aware that the mother wound is limiting your ability to fully step into your full potential
  • you’re ready to receive high-level support to transform how you’re BEING in the world to more effectively create and inspire as an empowered feminine leader

This coaching program is not for you if...

  • your business is not off the ground yet
  • you’re not sure what your life’s work is yet
  • you’re unclear about how the mother wound is impacting your life
  • you have only recently embarked on a serious path of spiritual growth
If you don’t qualify for this program, I recommend  the online course, which comes with community
support and premium content at a much lower investment.

The Emergence Program includes the following:

2 coaching sessions per month
Online Course on Healing the Mother Wound
Entrepreneur Toolkit
2 VIP Days (1 day-intensives)
Accountability Journal
Audio recordings of all calls
Tailored exercises and tools
Email access to Bethany
Surprises, gifts and more!


How this program is designed:

Phase 1 is designed to get you fully on the path of healing, providing you with the tools and resources to experience deep transformation and healing of the mother wound. Coaching support gives you practice, feedback and the safe space necessary to explore more of who you are and who you want to be. Expect realizations and breakthroughs that open up new possibilities.

Phase 2 of the program allows you to take all the deep inner work you're doing and translate it into new beliefs, choices and directions in your life. New ways of being emerge. As limiting patterns are released, empowering ones take their place, clearing the pathway for the unfoldment of your potent expression.

Phase 3 of the program includes the space and support for you to create the strong foundation necessary to authentically own your value, embody your worth and unapologetically turn away from distractions and limitations. New empowering mindsets are more deeply integrated, allowing you to more confidently own your place in this world with fierceness, compassion and power.


The Emergence Program is a 6-month program.
Investment: $25,000
Payment plan available

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